Feeling renewed, that’s what is new.

Overall, we have no complaints. Our work and our clients are interesting and enjoyable. Most days are pretty darn good.

However, recently our team landed a new contract with the Missouri chapter of a national non-profit and an especially fulfilling chapter of our business has begun.

What is interesting about this assignment is that it has the whole team engaged in the thinking. Sometimes we are each off working in independent directions. However, during this project, we are each critical to the insight collection, strategy and execution and I’m witnessing each of us push to be better, smarter, and deliver results which impact not just our client, but a cause.

Satisfyingly, the mission of this organization touches each of our team members personally; our public health student, our mother of a 27-week preemie and our early childhood development advocate are fired up to be part of helping this client find insights which unlock opportunity.

As if it weren’t perfect, there’s more.

Our client is so appreciative of our thinking and complimentary of our work. I cannot tell you how good it feels – it’s renewing.

As our assignment grows and outcomes are met, we’ll share a case study. Because at the end of the day, it’s great that you love your work but we are about insight-driven execution which produces results.