Lessons from Real Life Twitter

As a marketing professional, I spend a lot of time analyzing and searching for the perfect Tweet to send on behalf of our organization. I wonder, will it get retweeted, shared, loved? Will it offend or engage? Will I ever find the secret sauce?

Well, I guess my professional studies have crept into my personal Twitter style. Three days ago, I sent my most popular tweet ever. So far, and it is still growing as I write this, it has had 32 retweets and 404 favorites. I’ve got three new followers. And, I’ve had a handful of responses from friendly strangers as well.

Here’s the secret sauce: Tweet about something people love (in this case Hamilton the musical), tag said popular thing, speak in an authentic way, share a pic (a screenshot of lyrics,) and off you go into Twitter popularity. Sharing an image usually makes a tweet stand out, and so that must have caught the musical’s eye. Then, they retweeted from t heir account which has half a million followers (that seems low, right?). My tweet is pictured. You can see that I crafted it very quickly, and hardly even though about grammar or style – it was casual – how I talk to my friends (via text.) That makes it authentic.

It has been a fun case study for the marketing nerd in me. We don’t need a ton of followers to be a success. We just should talk in plain Twitter-English and share real images and tag cool things. Easy enough, eh? What is your most popular Tweet or other social media post?
Now if I can only get a like or retweet from Lin-Manuel himself…

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